3 Most Ignored Features of an International E-Commerce Platform That Can Kill Your Business

Is your goal to prosper in the virtual market? If so, paying attention to the availed features in the e-commerce platform is crucial. Features are the determinants of the functions or tasks you can perform on your online store. They determine your customization, customer experience enhancement, optimization of your site for the search engines and other activities. As webpreneur looking to sell products to the international community, you must consider several features. Most online business owners ignore these functionalities which lead to the collapse of their ventures. If you want to avoid joining their bandwagon, consider these 3 most ignored features of an international e-commerce platform:

Multilingual features

When selling to a global community, language differences are the main obstacle. The world lacks a common language from the time of the Babylon tower. Fortunately, the availability of features that can enable you to communicate with your audience in their language is some good news.  As you know, people always accept companies addressing them with their language. This aspect creates a sense of belongingness. As such, when considering an e-commerce solution, ensure it has a multilingual feature. Such a platform will harness your multilingual communications and power up your international sales and competitiveness.

An array of payment gateways

Until your customers pay you, you cannot claim you have made a sale. Targeting international community opens your business to a number of limitations on payment gateways. Different countries allow and restrict varying payment gateways for various reasons. So, as a webpreneur seeking to sell products to an international audience, you must have an e-commerce platform that supports an array of payment gateways.

For instance, one country may accept payment through PayPal and another limit the same but allow credit card transactions. If you want to win customers in the two countries, you must provide the two payment options in your online store. Hence, always pay attention to your platform of choice and ensure it offers you an opportunity to have an array of payment gateways.


When targeting the global audience, you expect massive traffic on your site. You aim to receive more visitors and turn them into customers. In this essence, you must ensure your online store can accommodate the surging traffics without crashing or affecting the loading speed. Going for a scalable international e-commerce platform is the only remedy and assurance of this dream realization. As such, ensure your platform of choice is scalable.

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